Marina Ferraro Gioielli

Pendant on kokku with citrine, striated jasper and silver (su coccu)

€101,70 €113

Sardinian kokku pendant made with 925 silver and authentic semiprecious stones:yellow citrine quartz and striated jasper. Made with an alternative design full of silver details. To always carry Sardinia with you always. Su Coccu Despite the many names, this ancient"Sardinian amulet"is used throughout the island with the same meaning:to protect from evil eye who wears it.

Made to order, each piece may differ slightly as it is handcrafted .

Marina Ferraro jewelry.

100% 925 silver.

100% Yellow citrine quartz .

100% Striated Jasper


Main sphere diameter 2.3 cm

Small sphere diameter 1.1 cm

Total height about 6cm

Silver chain about 45\/50 cm

Silver chain about 60\/70 cm long

If you want a precise or different length of the chain, call us or write it in the purchase notes.

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