Because a Corallium Rubrum Quality Mark

Corallium rubrum (also called Mediterranean red coral) is a very valuable asset for the economy of Sardinia and, even more, of the city of Alghero. The Red Coral is in fact for the city something more than a precious product of the territory: it is an expression of culture and tradition, reflected in the name of the Riviera del Corallo and in the coat of arms of the Municipality which contains a branch of the precious red coral on a rock base. . Artisan and commercial activities of the highest value are linked to this extraordinary product. It is a production activity closely linked to local tradition, with a high artistic character, capable of expressing considerable economic and cultural value due to the uniqueness of the material and the processing techniques used.

In recent years, however, the economic sector linked to the processing and marketing of red coral has experienced a weakening due to various factors. Among the most evident is the diffusion and marketing of products made with coral imitations, such as bamboo coral or other types of imitations obtained through treatments and artificial coloring processes. These are products that appear similar to Red Coral, so much so as to induce consumers, visitors and guests, to confuse it with it. This phenomenon has produced a decrease in the perceived value of the Red Coral and the artisanal productions connected to it, thus causing damage to the traditional craft economy and to the tourist economy of Alghero in terms of identity and image.e.

For these reasons, the Municipal Administration has, starting from February 2015, started a working table with trade associations and with coral artisans and traders, in order to build a shared project for the relaunch of the red coral of the Mediterranean and the economy connected to it. The meetings held led to the elaboration of the guidelines of the project Protection and enhancement of Corallium rubrum in Alghero.”.

In October 2015, a project group was set up within the Municipal Council for Economic Development and Work, made up of delegates of coral artisans and traders, technicians from the Laore Regional Agency and Porto Park. Conte, and by the representatives of the trade associations Confartigianato and Confcommercio. The project group worked with the aim of defining the operational phase of the project, identifying specific objectives and actions. Among the priorities was established the establishment, by the Municipality, of a collective quality mark to support the businesses of the city. The project team therefore arrived at the formulation of a text proposal for the trademark use regulation and production specification, also through discussions with the Chamber of Commerce.o.

These Regulations for the use of the Corallium rubrum collective quality mark in Alghero, as well as the Product Regulations for its use, are the result of the extensive consultation process described so far.o.

The Trademark and the resulting actions must in the future be integrated and harmonized with any further instruments and initiatives of a regional, national and European nature for the protection and promotion of the quality of the processing and marketing sector of red coral products.

Purpose of the Quality Mark

This Regulation establishes the Corallium rubrum collective quality mark in Alghero, defines its characteristics, management and methods of granting00 and use by economic operators.i.
The Municipality of Alghero, in collaboration with trade associations, the Laore Sardegna Agency and the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park, establishes the Corallium rubrum brand in Alghero. The brand has the following purposes:ità:
a) support and enhance the activities that make and market artisanal products with the
Corallium rubrum;
b) create a distinctive graphic identity that allows consumers to immediately identify the businesses that sell products made with Corallium rubrum and to distinguish them from the businesses that market imitations;
c) to equip artisan and commercial enterprises with communication and promotion tools with which to build the corporate image and reputation.

This Regulation is also made up of the Production Regulations, referred to in the annex, which define the production characteristics of the Brand.

Ownership and licensing of the Trademark

The Municipality of Alghero is the owner of the Trademark and grants its use to interested parties under the conditions and in the manner established by these Regulations.
The deed of granting use of the Trademark is the License for use. The License to use contains the Licensee's personal data, the identification number, the date of issue and expiration of the license, as well as any special conditions under which the use of the Trademark is granted.
The Licensee is also registered in a Register of Brand Licensees, held at the Municipality of Alghero and published on the institutional website.
The License to use the Trademark and the rights deriving from it are not transferable.

Name and logo

1. The brand is so called: Corallium rubrum in Alghero. The brand is represented by the red letter A with a reproduction of the main streets of the historic center of Alghero inside and having a coral branch in place of one of the rods. Graphic elements represent the following components:i: