Marina Ferraro Gioielli

Spuligadentes pendant in silver and coral filigree


Spuligadentes pendant made entirely by hand in 925 silver and embellished with authentic Corallium rubrum

The Spuligadentes was a pendant in the shape of a heart or star with many points, from which two opposite curved elements branched out externally, one with the pointed end and the other with the end in the shape of a scoop or spoon .

The first end was used to clean the teeth, just like a toothpick , the other instead for cleaning the ears , like today's cotton buds. The basic idea of religious practice is that to get in touch with the sacred one must be pure ; therefore in order to speak with God and listen to his voice, one must have clean teeth and ears:they are therefore tools that help to have a better contact with God.

These pendants also had another function, that of amulets to keep evil spirits away.

Marina Ferraro jewelry.

Pendant size 7x4cm

Mesh size 1,2cm

Total size 7x5,2cm

In case of not immediate availability, production times of 7/10 working days

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