Marina Ferraro Gioielli

Foulard necklace in red coral with silver filigree and onyx kokku


Foulard necklace is one of our novelties made entirely by hand .

There colored natural silk is embellished by the most precious and authentic elements of our land: the red coral (rubrum), the Sardinian button in 925 silver filigree, the kokku in onyx (ancient Sardinian amulet against the evil eye).

An original necklace which emanates elegance and charm , with a touch of liveliness And freshness, but always linked to Sardinian tradition . Perfect for an original gift with a history of authenticity and millenary tradition.

Available in various colors ; to find out, contact us and we will send you photos and descriptions

Size is adjustable , it ties behind the neck;

Being handmade each piece is unique and may differ slightly from the photo;

In case of non-immediate availability, it will be possible to pre-order it with a waiting time of approximately 3 days.

Do you have doubts or questions? Contact us for free on whatsapp or by email to request our support in choosing the ideal product for you!

Creation of Marina Ferraro jewels